The Evolution Of The Work Desk [Infographic]

The Evolution Of The Work Desk [Infographic]

Back in the 1980s, most office desks were identikit oblongs dominated by huge beige computer monitors and chunky keyboards. (If you were lucky, there was maybe enough room for a notepad, stapler and dictionary.) These days, the office desk is a much sleeker beast thanks to the rise of digital media and all-new ways of working. This infographic takes a look at the desk’s evolution: from the days of the Compaq Portable to the trendy era of desk cycles.

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The below infographic comes from digital marketing agency Omnicore based on a concept by Best Reviews. It lists all the ways office desks (and the things we store on them) have changed over the past few decades. As you’d expect, the rise of the digital app has had the biggest impact on office desks, although there have been some notable physical changes too, including Lifehacker’s perennial favourite: standing desks.

[Via Best Reviews / WeAreTop10]


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