The DIY Dream Audio Production And Recording Studio

The DIY Dream Audio Production and Recording Studio

Nothing fancy going on in this clean, light-filled studio — oh, except for all that equipment and that huge DIYed desk. Toronto-based songwriter, producer, and audio engineer Yaro J designed and built his desk, roomy enough to support three monitors, four iPads, the massive speakers, and other equipment.

The desk sports a hideaway keyboard as drawer as well:

The DIY Dream Audio Production and Recording Studio

I like how this still manages to be a clean and light-filled space despite all the stuff in it and how Yaro J broke up the space into different workstations. You can see more photos of this studio, including desk build progress, in the Flickr photostream below.

Studio Build - Yaro J [Flickr]


    What would you suggest for those with zero musical talent or knowledge? I sometimes get a tune in my head, but have no way to transcribe or play it. I don't know a demisemiquaver from a dim sim, or a crotchet from crochet.

    That piano keyboard would be a waste of space and money... Can you enter music just by whistling?

      try out fl studio, you can use some headphones and your keyboard to bang out a couple of tunes

    I see a mouse and keyboard, where is the computer?

    Man that is a tidy setup.

      Computer looks to be sitting in the left leg of the desk.

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