Six Kid’s Apps That Teach Valuable Life Skills

Educational apps for kids are everywhere, but only a select few teach important lessons in entertaining ways. Here are six apps that can actually teach your kids valuable skills — from developing a musical ear to learning how to code.

Lighbot (Android, iOS)

Learning coding has never been more valuable than today, with basic programming skills an essential component of many office jobs. The Lightbot app allows you to be the first person to introduce your child to coding in a simple and funny way. Kids can navigate a little robot to run, jump, walk, and move blocks using simple coding commands. Kids can start suing the app at the age of 4 years and up till 9. The commands get more complicated as the levels move on.

Motion Math Games (Android, iOS, web)

This is a combination of different games that will help your kids fell in love with Mathematics. Created at Stanford School of Education, Motion Math is now recommended by over 40 thousand educators all over the world. It stands out from the crowd of competitors due to its unique approach and great material. The exercises are introduced in both fantastical and real situations. Sometimes a child needs to buy a slice of pizza or gather 5+3 to find food for his/her aquarium fish.

Ear Trainer (Android, iOS)

Whether you want to improve your child’s musical ear or send your kid to a musical school, Ear Trainer is going to be your great helper. Over 260 musical exercises include scales, relative pitch, chords, melody, and intervals. The app is perfect for everyone starting with four-year-old kids and ending with musical professionals.

Google Earth (Android, iOS)

This app is perfect for parents who want to broaden their kids’ knowledge about our planet. The app will take you anywhere in the world with just a swipe of your finger. You can see different countries, cities, or picturesque landmarks while learning the stories about these places. You can even see real-time maps on earthquakes or tsunami. Or go through the best Google Earth gallery with the best pictures taken around the globe.

Learn Chinese Mandarin (Android, iOS)

A great way to future-proof your child is to start learning Chinese Mandarin with him/her. Even if you are not planning on visiting China, it can be a great asset to your child’s CV in a couple of years. The app allows your child to learn grammar, vocabulary with up to 300 words, pronunciation and even handwriting in a form of a fun game.

Starmap (iOS)

Introduce your child to a world of astronomy with an easy app called Starmap. Dwarf planets, asteroids, 150 galaxies and more than 350, 000 stars will be available to your kid as soon as you download the app. The app has a special “night selection”, which identifies best shooting stars’ zones. There is also a night vision that allows lights the stars red, so you see can everything clearly.

Which educational apps have you found work best with your kids? Share your recommendations in the comments section below.

Paula Thompson is an IT specialist from NYC. Right now she works as a contributor for parental control project

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