Notifications Visualizer Makes Designing Windows 10 Adaptive Live Tiles Easier For Developers

Microsoft has released its Notifications Visualizer to help developers design adaptive live tiles on Windows 10.

With Windows Store apps, developers have the opportunity to customise the way the pop-out notifications, which resemble tiles, look like on Windows devices. Tile notifications existed in previous versions of Windows but in Windows 10, developers have the option to set the layouts and specify the content on the tiles themselves. These are called adaptive live tiles.

What Notifications Visualizer does is allow developers to instantly see previews of the tiles while they're editing the code. You can control various tile properties such as display name, colour and logos.

The app also checks for errors during the editing process to ensure developers create a valid tile payload. It can provide real-time errors and warnings such as if your payload exceeds the maximum file size and whether there are any incorrect attribute names or values, which helps developers debug any visual issues.

You can download Notifications Visualizer over at the Windows Store.

[Via Microsoft Windows Blog]


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