Moochies Watch-Phones Let Parents Keep Tabs On Their Kids

Moochies Watch-Phones Let Parents Keep Tabs On Their Kids

The wearables trend has hit the kids market. Moochies has released mobile-watches aimed at children aged 3-12 years old for parents who don’t trust their kids with a full-blown smartphone.

The mobile-watches allow kids to make calls to two phone numbers that are entered using an app on the parents’ smartphones. Through the app, parents can also set a list of phone numbers that the watches can receive calls from. Approved numbers can send text to the child’s Moochies as well. The wristwatch mobile will automatically reject non-approved numbers.

There is an SOS button that the wearer can press in an emergency situation. The mobile-watch will alert the parents and send a 15-second sound recording from the Moochies device to them. Another safety feature is a Safe Zone setting. Parents can set designated ‘safe zones’ through their Moochies app that will send them alerts if the child strays from the assigned boundaries. There is a GPS tracker on the wearable as well.

Moochies can be ordered online for $119.99. The product features silicone strap, a range of cute designs and an LED screen which can display date, time, signal strength and caller ID.


  • Hi
    Recently purchased this watch for my son. The phone call clarity is brilliant. The GPS is a waste of time as works off the 2G network. My son has bee placed in ajoining suburbs even though the watch has been at the same home address. This feature is really a non feature as it has only once given an accurate location since owning the watch. Everything else is really good, the app is easy to work besides the inaccurate tracking feature. I am sure this will be rectified next upgrade of the product. The Sos feature is clear to hear but obviously the GPS location is not reliable. Hope this is helpful. Overall for the price a good option for a child.

    • Hi
      Yes I bought the phone watch for Xmas for my 10 yr old son and I agree that the GPS tracker is hopeless as often it shows him in the next street or suburb. The phone function is clear however. The only issue I now am finding after a few weeks of having the product, is that the watch runs low on battery very quickly now even without making any phone calls (ie on standby) so it is needing to be put on charge every day. Is anybody also experiencing quick low battery issue?

      • We have two Moochies for our twins… we agree, the GPS accuracy is poor… even though they are at the same school, sitting in the same classroom the app has them kilometres apart… we have found that having the Movement setting on runs the battery down very quickly

  • I too purchased this for my son and I fully agree the GPS is not at all accurate and the battery life is average. We have found the SOS function goes off randomly also. I purchased this in December 2015 and yesterday the watch overheated and the battery will not charge at all. It appears the watch is completely dead. I have contacted the company – The 1300 number always goes to message bank.

  • Same issues with GPS tracker, disappointing. Initially were only Telstra network, GPS only 3km out, moved to Vodafone as recommended by Moochies and much worse. 2G network is the shambles in country areas, hoping Moochies can upgrade to the 3G network soon…

  • It is a great concept and I own a similar watch which my 8yo daughter wears. However, I found out that most of the current watches out there will soon be obsolete / no longer work. Telstra will be switching off its 2G network on which these watches operate in December 2016. Optus will follow soon after early 2017. The only carrier which will still continue for a couple of years is Vodafone. Just be aware in case you are thinking of purchasing one.

  • After waiting many months to receive two watches I mean like 4-5 months of them saying this month, this month), the watches arrived.
    I snapped the sim cards out of their credit card size holders, they came out nano size.
    I put them in the watch, they wouldnt come out. Was advised to use tweezers. Still jammed but in all different positions.
    Then when told to send back for replacement with pre installed sim, they tell me I have force cut sim cards and then damaged internals and the warranty is void.

    Poor form moochie. I followed your instructions, used tweezers to get the sim card out and that did not work and now they will not replace – telling me to cover repairs at my own expense.

    My sons are very upset, as they rightly should be.

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