Microsoft Outlook Crashing For A Number Of Users After Security Patches

Microsoft Outlook Crashing For A Number Of Users After Security Patches

A number of Microsoft Outlook users are experiencing crashes when they use the email desktop client after the vendor’s regular security patches were rolled out for Windows on Tuesday. Here’s what we know.

The security patch that is said to be causing the problem is called MS15-115 is a critical security update for all versions of Windows still supported by Microsoft which addresses a flaw that allows for remote code execution.

Users are reporting a number of errors after the patches were rolled out, including getting a black screen when trying to load Outlook on their desktops. For some, Outlook only crashes when they try to open web-formatted (HTML) emails.

A Microsoft spokesperson said this to ZDNet:

“We are looking into reports from some customers who are experiencing difficulties with Outlook after installing Windows KB3097877. An immediate review is under way,”

Is your Outlook Crashing after Patch Tuesday? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Yep, this is is hitting our reception at the moment – as soon as they open a html email with an image in it that is set to automatically display Outlook crashes.

    The update is KB3097877 – it seems to take a while to uninstall as well, I’ve been sitting in front of this machine for about 20 minutes now waiting for windows to remove the update.

    • Yep, uninstalling the update instantly fixed the issue (and a few issues with other programs) on 3 separate machines.

  • It is also hitting me. The updates downloaded and upgraded automatically and now no Outlook. What is the ETA on the solution?

  • So far I’ve only had one Outlook 2013 client with issues as most of my other clients are set to update manually. Outlook would crash as soon as you opened it. Repairing Office didn’t work, so I ended up doing a system restore, which then lead to me having to remove the PC from the domain and rejoin it. All good after that. Thanks Microsoft for wasting half my morning!

  • Me too – crash, crash, crash since update. Going to either uninstall KB3097877 or restore to system restore point from this morning prior to update

  • My Outlook crashed first thing this morning (Melbourne time) and I immediately suspected the updates that had come through as I shut down last night (there were 24 I think). A quick search soon found that others had identified the culprit as KB3097877. I had to learn how to uninstall an update but quickly managed the task and got back up running, though there was a long pause, over an hour, for reconfiguration to complete prior to restarting as required.

  • There’s an update with the same KB3097877 listed this AM on Windows Updates. (EST here) Installed it and rebooted and it’s fixed on my end.

  • I don’t remember the update installing – it must have been a quick install. But based on the timing of these comments, it is likely same cause for me. Most HTML formatted emails will cause Outlook 2010 to close. In some cases it closes and immediately restarts. In others it closes and requires me to reopen the program.

    Not all HTML emails are causing this.
    Similar issues reported here:

  • When I was shutting down my computer last night, at work, Microsoft Updates (67 of them) told me to not shut down until they were downloaded. So, I came into the office this morning, started my computer, and opened Outlook 2010. I started checking my e-mails and everything went well until I clicked on e-mails I had received from or Whenever I would even hover my mouse over these e-mails in the list…….Outlook 2010 would crash. Other e-mails worked fine……..some from commercial sites……..some from friends and co-workers. But and e-mails still cause my Outlook to crash, even when I hover over them in the list (without even trying to open them).

  • UPDATE – Our IT Admin went into my computer and removed security patch MS15-115. Problem solved!

  • this is happening to me as well…every web based e-mail with pics crashes outlook 2010…thinking about upgrading to Office 365 cause it is that bad…

  • Well, it sure kept me busy the last 24 hours.
    Tried every trick in the book, nothing worked *%[email protected]&(*
    There was no restore point before these shitty updates 🙁
    Now removed the develish updates and all is working like a charm again 🙂

  • Constantly crashing for me too, more-so since recent Windows update…sad and frustrating

  • Same here, Outlook crashes depending on Inbox contents. If I delete items (via webmail) with links, pictures (typically newsletters and such), Outlook works fine.

    Is uninstalling the best thing to do (I read about some issues in doing that), or wait on patch?

  • We are having the same issue. Found out while trying to send out Monthly newsletter. Please say there will be a solution soon!

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