Microsoft Launches Windows Store For Business In Australia

Microsoft Launches Windows Store For Business In Australia

Microsoft has launched Windows Store for Business, which allows IT decision makers, purchasers and administrators to curate, deploy and manage apps to Windows 10 devices across their organisations. The new online store has been switched on for 21 countries, including Australia.

Through Windows Store for Business, companies can acquire free apps as well as custom-developed apps (built in-house or by a third-party developer) and provide them to employees at no charge.

There are three app distribution options through the store: You can directly assign an app to individuals or teams, put it on a private store page for users to find and download or use a third-party management solution. IT administrators can manage apps and their licences in one inventory and can reclaim and reassign licences as needed.

Other key features of Windows Store for Business include:

  • Bulk app acquisition
  • Offline licencing model that allows distribution of apps without connecting to the store and provides flexibility on how you deploy apps across your business
  • Automatic app updates for apps with online licences
  • Clean app uninstall process

IT professionals that want to sign their organisations up for Windows Store for Business can do so through the store’s official website.

[Via Microsoft Windows Blog]