Make Almost Any Type Of Chip With Two Sheet Pans

Make Almost Any Type Of Chip With Two Sheet Pans

Whether vegetable, cheese, or prosciutto, few things hit the savoury snack spot quite like a chip. To make a whole bunch of ’em at once, just grab two sheet pans.

Photo by Martin Delisle.

According to the dears at Bon Appetit, nearly anything can be sandwiched between two pans and popped into the oven for a salty snack. (I wouldn’t try this with cheese though, I just don’t see that going very well.)

For vegetable chips, thinly slice with a mandolin and coat with a little oil and salt before layering between two pans. For prosciutto crisps, line a pan with parchment paper, lay the thin strips of delicate ham on top, cover with another sheet or parchment and top the whole thing with another pan.

Bon Appetit doesn’t give much information in terms of temperature or times, but I’d try 190°C until everything gets nice and crispy. (I’d check after about fifteen minutes and go from there.)

The Best Thing You’re Not Doing With Your Sheet Pans [Bon Appetit]


  • I thought a mandolin was a musical instrument.

    Next time I play Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, and I hear the line “Mandolins!” I’ll know the music is about to be thinly sliced.

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