Make A Tripwire Alarm With A Basic Mousetrap

Whether you’re trying to catch an intruder or give someone a good scare, you can build this simple tripwire alarm in only a few minutes.

This video from the Specific Love Creations YouTube channel shows you how to create a safe tripwire alarm with just a mousetrap, fishing line, and some ring caps. Remove the holding bar from the u-shaped nail on the mousetrap, then cut away the curved portion. After that, remove the bait holder catch. Place some small nails in line with where the hammer strikes, and place a few ring caps on the end of the nails to amplify your alarm. Once you have it all ready, tie some fishing line to the holding bar set up your tripwire wherever you like. Indoors or outdoors, you’ll always know when an intruder is near. Mousetraps can hurt if you’re not careful, so be sure to move the arm of the spring off of the hammer while working.

How to make a Mousetrap Trip Wire Alarm [YouTube]

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