Make A Plunge Cut With Your Jigsaw, No Drill Necessary

Video: It helps to have a drill nearby for making clean plunge cuts with your jigsaw. But when that's not an option, you can still make a plunge cut using just your saw. Here's how.

Plunge cuts are needed when starting a cut in the center of wood. A drill with a large bit can be used to drill a hole that your saw blade can drop into. This method is easy, but not always the most convenient. You can make your own plunge cut sans a drill by leaning the front edge of the jigsaw against the wood surface and slowing pushing it down into the wood as well as pulling it across the wood.

Start your blade moving first before making contact with the wood and try this technique a few times on scrap wood. With a sharp blade, you'll be making plunge cuts in no time. This approach can also be applied to making plunge cuts with a reciprocating saw. Don't forget your eye protection.

Jigsaw Plunge Cut Technique [enduringcharm (YouTube)]

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    If you want to keep buying blades and eventually a new jigsaw, go right ahead with this. Get a drill, you won't regret it.

    I suppose if your jigsaw has no safety, you can probably try to not injure yourself while doing this.

    Drilling a pilot hole will no doubt be much safer, though.

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