Learn To Protect Yourself With These Krav Maga Self-Defence Moves

Learn To Protect Yourself With These Krav Maga Self-Defence Moves

Krav Maga is a hand-to-hand combat system developed for the military in Israel. The moves are efficient and can help you defend yourself against a variety of attacks.

Greatist points out 4 Krav Maga moves that anyone can do. In the image above, the woman is stopping an outside strike to her head by raising her forearm inside the attacker’s oncoming arm and simulatneously punching his face.

Other tips you’ll learn from the article below include how to make a perfect fist and why you should kick the groin with your shin instead of aiming with your foot or knee. (When in doubt, kick the groin.) As pointed out in our basic self-defence moves article, always aim for the soft parts of the body that can’t be strengthened.

4 Krav Maga Self-Defence Moves Anyone Can Master [Greatist]


  • Krav Maga!!! Isn’t this just typical karate and other Asian martial art forms shamelessly renamed? Come on!

    • No. Krav Maga was developed in the Middle East and influenced by Japanese martial arts Judo and Aikido as well as Western fighting techniques boxing and wrestling. The focus in Karate is on striking, while Krav Maga places more emphasis on neutralising the opponent.

    • Well considering it was developed in the 20s, either a secret sect was living under a rock for the last thousand years or it had to have influences from the older martial art forms…

    • People who have no understanding of how bad-ass Krav Maga is, have never seen it or trained in it. It does sample the most efficient parts of many martial arts. Its the ruthlessness and focus of its application, from the earliest stages of training, that set it apart. You have to train Karate for a long time before you will hope to use it to incapacitate an attacker within several seconds.

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