Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted the Melbourne Cup, advice on what to do when you miss your flight and the legalities around keeping an engagement ring after a wedding is cancelled. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. How To Stream The 2015 Melbourne Cup Online
    Want to see the Melbourne Cup but don’t have a TV in your workplace? Here’s how you can watch the race that stops a nation from the relative comfort of your browser..
  2. If You Miss A Flight, See If Your Airline Uses The 'Flat Tire Rule'
    Missing a flight can be a huge nightmare. It’s enough to send some customers into quite a tizzy. Before you throw a full-blown fit, check to see if your airline follows the little known “flat tire rule.”.
  3. Is It Legal To Keep The Engagement Ring After Calling Off The Wedding?
    You’re a bride-to-be and it’s a week out from the big day. You’ve had a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach for a few days now and you finally give into your doubts about your would-be husband. You call off the wedding. You look at the diamond engagement ring nestled snugly on your finger and think to yourself, “Surely, I can still keep this.”
  4. Top 10 Seemingly Risky Things You Can Totally Do Yourself
    Some things in life — such as fixing your own car or DIY home improvements — might appear dangerous or risky, especially if you’ve never done them before or you tend to err on the side of caution. They also might be more doable than they look. Here are ten daunting things you probably likely can handle on your own.
  5. How To Discipline Your Children Without Rewards Or Punishment
    Many parents are moving towards “gentle parenting”, where they choose not to use rewards (sticker charts, lollies, chocolates, TV time as “bribes”) and punishments (taking away “privileges”, time-out, smacking) to encourage good behaviour, but encourage good behaviour for the sake of doing the right thing.
  6. Is Hiring A Cleaner For Your Home Worth the Money?
    I’ve always spurned the idea of using a cleaner for my home. I finally relented and decided to give Helpling, an online cleaner booking service, a go. Here’s my verdict.
  7. Watch NASA Reveal What Happened To The Atmosphere On Mars
    With NASA focussing more on their Journey to Mars than ever, it’s unsurprising that they have more information to share with us — but still no less exciting. As opposed to September’s water on Mars announcement, when NASA left us guessing as to what they would be revealing, we have been told that this event will be addressing recent findings about Mars’s atmosphere.
  8. Optus SatSleeve Offers 100 Per Cent Mobile Coverage Across Australia
    Optus Satellite has announced the availability of the new SatSleeve that slips over your phone to give you mobile coverage anywhere in Australia where there is a direct line of sight to the telco’s satellite. Made by Thuraya, SatSleeve is compatible with a number of iOS and Android devices from Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and Huawei.
  9. The Suckiest Things About University
    University is supposed to be awesome. Everyone’s constantly reminding you that it will be the best time of your life. And it can be! But during the first year, that expectation might set you up for a nasty reality: starting university can really suck, too.
  10. Why Do People Leave Jobs?
    During a recent talk at a conference, one of the speakers spoke about why people choose to leave jobs. I’ve read a lot of research about why people leave work. It might be because they feel undervalued or that they simply don’t enjoy their work. But the speaker put it to the audience that people don’t leave jobs – they leave bosses.


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