How To Stream The 2015 Melbourne Cup Online

Want to see the Melbourne Cup but don't have a TV in your workplace? Here's how you can watch the race that stops a nation from the relative comfort of your browser.

As in previous years, the race — which commences at 3PM AEDT — will be broadcast on Channel 7 and you can live stream it on the network's website. The site may not work outside Australia if you don't have a suitable VPN set up — you could also try Hola for an easy fix. (Although this comes with its own risks.)

Not sure how to place a bet? Check out our detailed post on how betting works, and why the Melbourne Cup can be a less profitable choice and the essential apps for Melbourne Cup day.


    There are a few other options to stream the Melbourne Cup (vision and audio) here:

    You can stream it globally at (including Australia). Only way to stream without betting account.

      Just joined up to Took no time at all. Thanks!

    Step 1: Turn on the TV.
    Step 2: Watch the race.
    Step 3: Turn off the TV.
    Step 4: Get on with your life because it's just a horse race.

    Channel 7 has two online streams - the first is its Plus7 website, and the alternate stream is at its 7Live website.

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