Schoolies Week: Ten Ways To Keep It Classy (ish)

Schoolies Week: Ten Ways To Keep It Classy (ish)

Schoolies is an Australian rite of passage right up there with passing your Ps and having your first stiff drink. However, it’s also rife with potential dangers and embarrassments. We asked the guys and girls at DrinkWise Australia to share their top ten tips for schoolies revelers. If you want to keep things safe and (relatively) classy, this is the advice you need to know.

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DrinkWise Australia has launched a new How to Drink Properly campaign in a bid to keep teens safe and out of strife during schoolies celebrations. Attendees at the Gold Coast will receive information packs with accommodation options and tips for “staying classy” (which essentially translates to not being a drunk and obnoxious idiot.)

We asked the organisation to share their advice with Lifehacker readers. Here are their top ten tips, along with our own thoughts and commentary.

#1 Don’t forget your pre-party drinks

“They count. You don’t start at zero when you leave the hotel.” (In other words, keep a tally of all the standard drinks you consume — not just the drinks at the bar you’re currently standing in.)

#2 Always have your phone on you

“You’ll need it to take those glamour shots – and to keep track of where your mates are.” (Naturally, it also pays to have GPS functionality when you’re drunk and lost. Although you might need to get a sober mate to operate it.)

#3 Beware of drink spiking!

“Not everyone at schoolies is classy: don’t let your drink out of your sight.” (This also goes for your friends’ drinks — look after each other!)

#4 Be a boss

“Don’t let anyone hassle you into drinking more than you want to.” (Small chance of that happening. But if you feel on the verge of hurling, make your excuses and take a quick break.)

#5 Pace your drinks

“Alternate with waters, or mix yourself up a cheeky spritzer. And keep clear of the tequila shots; they’re not your friends.” (Actually, tequila shots mean you’ll probably get to lick strangers. But keep things in moderation.)

#6 Eat before you drink

“Eat. Anything. It’ll help slow the rate your body absorbs alcohol and keep you classy.” (This is sound advice. Also, Queensland burgers are awesome!)

#7 Don’t drink drive

“You know what’s never classy? Getting behind the wheel after a few, or letting your mates do the same.” (If you only follow one piece of advice on this list, make it this one. Also, don’t text and drive.)

#8 Avoid water

“Unless you’re drinking it. In which case, get it down.” (I think this means don’t swim while under the influence of alcohol. If you want to get sopping wet on the dance floor, that’s probably okay.)

#9 Give your parents a ring

“You know they’re going to worry, we know they’re going to worry. So keep them updated, and they won’t bug you when you’re out with your mates.” (Yeah, nah. A quick text should keep them placated.)

#10. Have a plan to get home

“Walking home with your heels in your hands because you can’t get a taxi isn’t classy.” (Actually, as long as it’s safe, get home however you want!)

Got any advice (or lessons learned) of your own to share? Let us know in the comments!