How To Hunt Down And Remove Duplicate Files From Your PC

How To Hunt Down And Remove Duplicate Files From Your PC

Duplicate files can cause all kinds of problems on your computer, taking up precious storage room, confusing your photo or media manager apps, and generally getting in the way of searches and other operations when you’d rather they didn’t. You don’t have to accept duplicate files as an inevitability of running a PC, though: Here’s how to get rid of them.

Duplicate files can crop up for all kinds of reasons: Maybe you downloaded a file, forgot it was there, and then downloaded it again; maybe you copied a folder of images and then never got around to getting rid of the originals. Whatever the reason, they clog up your disk space and shouldn’t be left to gather dust.

For the purposes of this guide we’re going to use DupeGuru — it’s Lifehacker’s pick as the best duplicate file finder for Windows, and it’s available for Mac and Linux as well. If you’re not taken with DupeGuru, then some of the best alternatives are CCleaner and Duplicate Files Finder for Windows, and Gemini for Mac (another Lifehacker recommendation).

Using DupeGuru

After you’ve installed the software, the first screen you’ll see is a fairly sparse one. Tap on the plus icon to choose the folders to scan for duplicates — choose your entire hard drive to go the whole hog and scan everything. Click Scan and DupeGuru gets to work.

You may have to wait some time, depending on the size of the selected folders, but eventually a list of matches appears on screen. Original files are marked in blue, with duplicates underneath, so tick individual files or select Mark and Mark All to tick everything at once. Files can be deleted, or copied or moved to another location for checking.

Back on the main dialog choose View then Preferences to change the way DupeGuru looks for files. You can scan for duplicates based on their filename or their contents (which is much more effective) — use the filter hardness slider to change how strict the search is (and how many results you get back).

DupeGuru also offers dedicated Picture Edition and Music Edition applications alongside the standard edition, and for the most comprehensive clean-up you should install and run all three. The tools built specifically for pictures and music give you extra search criteria: bitrate, track length, compression and several others.

This article originally appeared on Lifehacker UK


    • Use double killer. It’s 32 bit, free and will compare and filter on file sizes, date/time stamps, checksums – you name it. It’s been the best tool for many years. Hasn’t been updated in a long time, but it’s not needed any updates that I found.

  • Wow….something spooky going on here! I remember seeing this article a while back and just last night I needed to tidy up some of my files so searched for this article and downloaded dupeGuru. Lifehacker is watching! *shifty eyes*

  • This seems like a good program, at my work we have PC’s that people use and to reduce on redundant files and anything being left on the computer that ought to not be I tried a few programs: Shadow Defender, Deep Freeze; and while both were good I went with Reboot Restore Rx. Solid program that’s free (that doesn’t happen often)

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