How Do You Choose Who You’ll Work For?

How Do You Choose Who You’ll Work For?

During the recent Intel Focus 15 event, Bryan Dye – Intel Security’s recently appointed corporate vice president and general manager of the group’s global security products said that two things attracted him to the position: great technology and a great corporate strategy. What attracts you to working at a specific company?

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Pretty early on in my work life I had a list of companies, industries and positions I aspired to work in. The list was reasonably long and I figured I’d never get through all of the options.

But I also had a list – admittedly pretty short – of industries I’d never work in. For me (and these are a personal thing so if you’re working in these industries I’m not having a go) I was not going to work for companies known to operate “sweatshops”, cigarette makers or gambling corporations.

Once I reached the interview stage I always wanted to know about things like staff turnover rates, how the organisation recognised good performance and what their long term goals were. It wasn’t all about money – I’m a fan of recognising effort with stuff like an extra day off or movie tickets. But I wanted to get a handle on the culture and leadership style.

When you’re looking for a new job, what do you look for? What questions do you ask interviews?

Anthony Caruana attended Intel Focus 15 in Las Vegas as a guest of Intel Australia


  • As a member of a family that like to eat, and have shelter from the elements, I work for – money. To buy food, and pay rent / mortgage.
    To that end, the only thing I reject is – illegal activity.
    IF I have more than one company offering me a job, THEN (and only then) I have the luxury of picking my employer and making ethical choices.

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