The Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals [Updated]

The craziest sales season of the year has kicked off in the US once again. To make your life easier, we're collecting the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains that you can get in Australia — keep checking back for updates!

The following deals come from both US online stores and local retailers looking to get in on the action. Naturally, we've omitted sales where shipping costs would eat too much into your savings. Products are divided into categories for your browsing convenience.

Deals are available for a limited time and are liable to disappear without warning so be sure to get in quick. (Also be sure to check our US/Black Friday shopping tips here and here.) Now get shopping!


    you might want to check the shipping first... either
    a) they don't ship these items at these prices to Australia
    b) the shipping cost is exorbitant
    c) they don't ship to Australia

      WHat are you on about? Most of these deals are either digital or linked to the AU store versions.

      The Auspost website allows you to set up a personalised US address where items are sent to and then forwarded to Australia for an additional sending fee. If the US shipping fee is free, it's not a bad option, but if it's expensive, you'd feel like you were paying double.

    I thought black Friday was supposed to be on the 13th?

      In America they hold Thanksgiving on Thursday and on the day after have "Black Friday" sales.

      Some say the origin of the name is that this is the day starting the holiday shopping season, and when shops start to make a profit after months of famine. The ledger ink changing from red to black.

        Ah! So October is the time to buy advanced Russian subs with the top secret caterpillar drive propulsion units!

    Dick Smith are getting in on the act too -
    Picked up a Sony BluRay Player with WiFi for $112 - normally $146

      Agreed. I just got 160 off a Canon DSLR. Seems like a good week each year to wait to buy your electronics

      Seems Dick Smith is overstocked, so there might be bigger sales in the weeks ahead.

    While these are some impressive deals, you should also check out some VPN deals on Black Friday. I was looking around and found some interesting deals:
    - PureVPN is offering a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal.
    - IPVanish is offering 60% off on all packages.
    - IronSocket is giving 50% discount on all packages.
    - HideMyAss is giving 57% discount on all packages.
    These are some of the deals from popular VPN services, but there are many more that you can find. Various review websites (such as: have compiled a list of discounts on VPNs this Black Friday, do check them out.

    I haven't been to Taronga Zoo in ages, but those admission prices ($46/26) seem to be the normal ones, and the link takes you to Groupon's Australian Museum page.

    O'Reilly are running a cyber Monday sale at the moment with 50% off all ebooks. Apparently you can also score a safari subscription for half price as well.

      Woolies,isn't missing out either- 12 cans Baked Beans,$10.

    Hard to know what rights you have as a consumer with US sites. Here's the wrap on what your rights are in Australia if you get a lemon or are ripped off. Great article:

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