'Got This Thing' Fills Your Schedule So You Can Back Out Of Any Commitment

If you have some commitments and obligations you just don't want to do, you'll need a decent excuse to get out of them. Got This Thing can fill up your Google calendar with real events around you so you can show people you're way too busy to do whatever it is they're asking.

The web app, created by Nat Towsen, Juan Lopez, Sacha Mombartz, Adam Goldstein, and Evan Kaufman pulls data from services like Eventbrite and Kimono Labs to fill your Google Calendar up. All you have to do is go to the Got This Thing app page and hit the Get Busy button.

When you're ready to clear up your schedule again, just hit the Go Clear button and everything GTT added will disappear. In the settings, you can even set what type of events you want GTT to add so it looks more believable.

They're a small team and it's fairly new, so there might still be a few kinks to work out, but mobile app is on the way. Check it out at the link below and start protecting your personal time.

Got This Thing [GTT]

Lifehacker's Evil Week highlights the dark side of life hacking. How you use that knowledge is up to you.


    If you have some commitments and obligations you just don’t want to do, you’ll need a decent excuse to get out of them.

    Wow. Just wow. This sounds similar to that Peeple rubbish, in that it encourages the worst qualities of humanity.

    Here's an idea tell the truth.

      Hi! Nat Towsen from Got This Thing here. At GTT, we believe that the "worst qualities of humanity" include "not having enough time" and "wasting your life away at parties full of boring people out of obligation". As such, we believe our app will not only help people save time, but will also boldly propel humanity into its next phase of evolution, transcending the current paradigm and shedding our outdated conception of "scheduling" as a snake sheds its useless, dead skin, catalyzing the next epoch of global consciousness. Thanks for your feedback!

        Hi Nat Towsen from Got This Thing. You need to learn better time management skills or reassess your personal relationships.

          Thanks for the suggestion! While I created GTT for a broad spectrum of users, each of whom can use this highly adaptable app to suit the exact specifics of their personal circumstances, I personally use it to bolster my already-rigorous time management strategies and politely avoid being burdened by the overwhelming number of opportunities offered to me as a high-profile tech creative. That said, I totally understand how someone with fewer fantastic opportunities made available to him/her would use GTT differently, and I support that! Thanks for your feedback!

    I think the 'evil week' disclaimer needs to be more prominently displayed on these posts to give context.

      +1 - there's a few posts already where I'm thinking "Wait, is it Evil Week? Because that's a complete asshat of an idea."

      Hi! Nat Towsen from Got This Thing here. At GTT, we don't think there's anything "Evil" about wanting a little time to oneself instead of getting dragged into sitting through a tedious, religious wedding with a cash bar and dry hors d'oeuvres. Thanks for your feedback!

      I love that the app developer is trolling the comments though...

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