Five Steps To Making A Better Presentation With Prezi

Five Steps To Making A Better Presentation With Prezi

The term “death by PowerPoint” was coined because so many people have abused the use of PowerPoint presentations. Often they are unnecessarily long and, visually, not that interesting, leaving audiences who have to suffer through them bored out of their minds. This totally defeats the purpose of giving a presentation, which is to engage people and help them better understand what you’re trying to say. Here’s a video on how turn your boring PowerPoint presentations into interactive slides with the Prezi software.

Prezi has outlined five steps on how to use its software to import Microsoft PowerPoint slides into its presentation software in a tutorial video. The clip also gives you an idea of how to add Prezi elements to existing PowerPoint presentations to make them more interesting and memorable:

Prezi is a subscription-based software but you can get a 14 day free try over at its website.


  • All that’s happening is more and more presentations have needless zooming in and out and rotating.
    Nevermind they’re hosted in the cloud which raises privacy issues for business content…

  • There’s a growing counterculture against the “wow factor” of Prezi, in that it focusses the presenters efforts on making a cool visual effect over a cool message. If what you’re talking about is engaging you could have no slides, or just draw on a screen hooked up to a projector, and it could be very powerful.

  • It was a cool idea at the beginning, but they’ve utterly failed to make any improvements to the tool over the years. It’s still just as clunky as when I first started using it and none of the quirks/bugs have been fixed nor feature requests added. At the end of the day it’s just PowerPoint with zoom.

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