Enable This Setting To Silence Siri With The Mute Switch

Enable this Setting to Silence Siri with the Mute Switch

iOS: Siri can be loud no matter what your iPhone's settings are, but OS X Daily points out that you can control Siri's voice feedback setting with a toggle in the Settings.

Open up Settings > General > Siri > Voice Feedback and you'll find the options to change how the voice feedback works. Change it over to Control with Ring Switch and Siri voice feedback will be controlled by the mute switch. Now, you'll only hear it talk when your mute switch it off.

How to Silence Siri with the Mute Switch on iPhone & iPad [OS X Daily]


    I turned this on a few weeks ago, I would always activate her when in bed early morning when trying to activate the triple click for turning on full screen zoom to dull the screen because low brightness setting is too bright in a dark room when you've just woken up.

    While apple are stupid enough to have such a bright low brightness setting, they are at least smart enough to allow siri to talk when the mute switch is on if you use Hey Siri.

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