Dealhacker: Telstra’s $40 BYO Plan Now Comes With 7GB Data Per Month

Dealhacker: Telstra’s $40 BYO Plan Now Comes With 7GB Data Per Month

Telstra has never been the most generous telco when it comes to mobile data allowances — which is why its latest Go Mobile BYO plan is so surprising. For a limited time, new customers can get a massive 7GB of data on a 12-month contract for just $40 per month. This is one of the best deals we’ve seen, on Australia’s most reliable network. What’s not to like?

To put the new Go Mobile BYO plan into perspective, customers on Telstra’s $40 “M” plan currently receive 2.5GB of data. My own Telstra plan — which I’ll be cancelling this week — comes with just 1.5GB of data for $49 per month.

In addition to the aforementioned data allowance, the plan also provides $1000 of free calls per month and unlimited SMS/MMS. (There are zero free international calls, however.) If you have Telstra home broadband, you can get a further $10 off via a bundled discount.

All told, the new deal works out to a minimum spend of $480 over 12 months. Your move Optus/Vodafone.

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  • This is one of the best deals, I have seen in a long time. I am tempted to change from my Encore Prepaid to this deal.

    I have been with Optus / Vodafone in the past, as they provided more credit / data than Telstra, but I have always found that their network can be disappointing at times.

    • Are you able to cancel and rejoin? Depending on the exit costs, it might be worthwhile to change over in the long run, might take 3-6 months to breakeven?

  • Yep, as existing $45/month 2gb customer, who’s been with them over 20 months, they wouldn’t let me upgrade to this. Only offered another 0.5 gb for extra $5 month.

  • @ChrisJager Are you planning to cancel, and resign on this deal? if so, can you let us know how you go? I intend to do the same thing. I am on a prepaid as it is.

  • I object to the terminology you have used:

    “the plan also provides $1000 of free calls per month ”

    I know I am being pedantic but really that should be:

    “the plan also provides $1000 of included calls per month ”

    The $1000 of calls are certainly not “free” they cost at least $40.

    Having said that, that appears to be a good deal. I should go check when my current 12-month $55/m contract expires.

  • Beware though it is Telstra… I signed up a couple of months ago on the $50 5gb byo monthly plan and the sales person had no idea of the plan when I rang up…first warning sign…despite 3 calls to Telstra I still don’t have the full 5gb of data only 4.5gb despite the reassurance that it will happen…everytime I call I have to explain their product back to them!!!!…I knew their service was rubbish but this is a joke!

    • If you’re still having problems, I suggest using the online chat rather than the phone because that way you get a record of the conversation which can make it easier to follow up.

  • I guess Optus had decided to hop on this band wagon with a half price for 6 months on their month to month contracts over $50. Not bad, I think I might change to Optus for just 6 months 🙂 🙂

  • I clicked through to find out more and it’s actually $60 a month for the 7GB data plan. The $40 plan is 2.5GB. I think they just have a colossal marketing stuff up – because there is also a promo banner on their page for 9GB at $70 a month but no option to select …

    • On page:
      Scroll down, make sure ‘BYO Phone Plans’ is selected. The ‘Medium’ currently has 4.5 gig bonus data (total 7 gig) per month when you port in, 12 month duration of contract, $40 per month.

      I did this just yesterday.

      For bonus fun, if you go instore you should be able to convince the staff to do it for you, even though it is marked as ‘online only’ (they will probably need to check with the manager, though). Then you can also enjoy the $240 discount on a new handset when purchasing outright and going on an eligible plan (which the now-$40-when-porting-in plan is).

      i.e. you can walk into a Telstra shop, save $240 on the outright purchase of a new mobile (most of the mobiles are included), go on a 12-month plan with $1000 minutes of calls inside Australia and 7GB of data a month, and pay only $40 a month for that plan. I did it yesterday.

      I ported out to a prepaid purely to be able to port back and get the deal. Note that it takes at least a few days for a number port to ‘clear’ in the system, and prior to that it will make life difficult for Telstra and you if you try to switch. If you want to capitalise on the deal, I suggest porting out for a week before trying.

      • Went to boxhill telstra as the sales hotline was useless. The staff happily ported my number. the only difference is my plan is $50 per month, with a $200 welcome credit. That works out to 33 per month for a 12 month contract. The data can also be shared as my partner has a telstra Go plan. 7GB for 33 pm is a pretty good deal.

        • Yeah. I’ve actually wound up doing the same thing. (There were some problems porting my number – and still are, **** you ALDI mobile) but as a result I will wind up getting the $200 welcome credit like you (which makes the plan effectively $33 a month, which is brilliant!)

  • They changed this plan quickly, now it’s $40 for 5Gb a month. Still a good deal but not the 7Gb that was on offer before the weekend.

  • Anyone know how to get the bundle discount? They told me it’s by invitation only.
    “If you have Telstra home broadband, you can get a further $10 off via a bundled discount.”

  • Its still on, I just got it over the weekend, 7g $1000 calls 40/pm. I just said ..”would you rather I cancel my account a day and sign up as a new customer?” they then transferred me over to a “specialist” who then gave me the offer.

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