Dealhacker: Nexus 9 Wi-Fi For $299

Dealhacker: Nexus 9 Wi-Fi For $299

It might not be the hottest tablet around, but the Nexus 9 can still hold its own. And, with Telstra offering the device for a measly $299, delivery included, now might be the time to do some early Christmas shopping.

The deal, spotted by TRENT86 over at OzBargain, has no apparent end date and doesn’t offer any additional bells and whistles beyond the tablet itself. The $299 price tag though is excellent, considering the device retails for $350-$400 elsewhere.

For those with a little more cash to spend, the Xperia Z2 is also worth a look at $399. Again, it’s cheaper than other retailers, but still $100 more than the Nexus. On the other hand, the Z2 packs quite the hardware punch.

HTC Nexus 9 WiFi [Telstra, via OzBargain]


  • Having owned a N9 since launch, I would not recommend this deal. At all. The tablet is still awful, even with all the latest updates (and now running Marshmallow). The touch responsiveness on simple things like the keyboard is terrible. It cant deal with multiple tabs. Slow, horrible mess of a tablet.

    The Z3 Compact Tablet is also $100 more at $399 (Z2 is mentioned in the article) and while I haven’t tried the tablet version, if it is anything like the Z3 phone then that would be well worth the extra “Benjamin” (to steal an Americanism) over the N9.

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