Cortana For Windows 10 Finally Gets A Dinky-Di Aussie Version

Cortana For Windows 10 Finally Gets A Dinky-Di Aussie Version

The latest major update for Windows 10 has ushered in some interesting improvements. Among the new additions is an official Australian version of the digital assistant Cortana. Hurrah!

It has previously been possible to get Cortana working on Windows 10 in Australia — either by switching the country/region in settings or by signing onto the Windows Insider beta program. Thanks to today’s update, now everybody can access the digital assistant using the broadest of Aussie drawls without any trickery pokery.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Cortana is essentially Microsoft’s version of Siri — it learns your name, reminds you of appointments, transcribes your spoken notes, tracks your location and answers any query that the internet is able to answer. Naturally, the tool syncs with a range of Microsoft apps and services for an integrated experience. It’s also coming to Microsoft’s new flagship smartphones; the Lumia 950 and 950XL.

Microsoft has added some down-under flavour to the Australian version of Cortana: it can sing Australian lullabies, explain the history of famous landmarks and provide insights on indigenous legends, bush rangers and sports stars. It also comes with a “local” female accent and probably has the middle name Shazza.

For an overview of everything you can get Cortana to do in Windows 10, click here.


  • II installed the update last night and though yay, i can use Cortana without language hacks now.

    Not only is it half as good as Siri at recognizing what i say (could be the webcam mic im using, windows did say it doesn’t recommend using it), i still cant think of what id use Cortana for though, almost anything i can think of i can get done faster with keyboard and mouse.

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