Conserve Water At Home With This Stylish Toilet Top Sink

Conserve Water at Home With This Stylish Toilet Top Sink

If you're interested in conserving some water at home, this custom sink re-routes the fresh, clean water that fills your toilet tank so you can wash your hands with the same water each time you flush.

This design, from Jonathan Odom at the Instructables Design Studio, replaces the lid from your toilet tank with a sink that activates each time you flush the toilet. On average, a single old-style toilet flush uses around 12L of water. Why let that water go to waste? Odom used Plyboo wood and a Moen 90 Degree high arc vessel faucet, but you could construct yours out of any type of material and a much cheaper faucet. You'll also need vinyl tubing, wood glue, construction adhesive, and a few other components. It's quite the project to take on, but once it's complete, you'll be saving water every time you use the toilet. You can find the complete guide and a video of it in action at the link below.

Toilet Top Sink [Instructables]

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    I just think it is really awkward to reach over the toilet to wash your hands, especially when you have kids at home.

    I do like the concept from a hygiene point though, not having to turn off the tap when you are done washing your hands is ideal.

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