BroadwayHD Is A Streaming Service For Broadway Shows

BroadwayHD Is a Streaming Service for Broadway Shows

If you're a big fan of theatre, you might want to check out BroadwayHD. It lets you binge-watch Broadway shows.

It's similar to Netflix or any other streaming service. You can watch one show for free, but then you sign up for a $US15 monthly subscription (or $US170 annually), and that gives you access to every show in their database. If you don't feel like subscribing, they have a handful of free content.

Like most streaming services, you can watch shows on your computer, mobile device, or cast them to your TV. It's cool that they have so many free titles to stream, but it's worth noting that the subscription is even more expensive than Netflix, so you'd probably have to be a Broadway enthusiast to subscribe. Check it out for yourself at the link below.

BroadwayHD [via Product Hunt]


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