Briefly: Ronda Reigns, Prehistoric Lion Cubs, Ewoks Vinidicated

Briefly: Ronda Reigns, Prehistoric Lion Cubs, Ewoks Vinidicated

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Ancient frozen lion cubs, why Ronda Rousey is still great.

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  • Russian scientists have unveiled the remains of two ancient cave lion cubs found preserved in permafrost. They are the most complete remains of this extinct species ever found — whiskers and all.
  • Ronda Rousey is arguably the greatest fighter in UFC history — male or female. Last week, the world champion had her arse handed to her by boxer Holly Holm. Kotaku explains why she’s still great.
  • Remember in Return Of The Jedi when the Empire’s army got wiped out by a bunch of Ewoks? It was implausible rubbish — or was it? The release of the new game Star Wars Battlefront allows players to reenact this scene. Turns out it was pretty bang on.


  • let me tell you something moron, just because Rhonda Rousey is the only UFC fighter you have ever heard of does not mean she is the greatest ever. Anderson Silva is the only person considered for that title.

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