Ask A Real Estate Agent Which Home Upgrades Earn The Most Back In Your Area

Ask A Real Estate Agent Which Home Upgrades Earn The Most Back In Your Area

When you’re selling your home, simple upgrades can mean thousands of dollars when you close, and no one can tell you which upgrades will make the most return on your investment more than a real estate agent who works in your area. Ask them what they have seen, and what’s in high demand in your neighbourhood.

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You only have so much time and money, plus some upgrades might even make your home worth less, so knowing which ones current buyers are looking for can help narrow down the list, or help you figure out where to put your money. Ines Hegedus-Garcia, a realtor in Miami, explains why:

A local realtor that is active in your particular area will be the perfect person to ask for advice. They will know what buyers are looking for and what you should not waste time or money on. All real estate markets are different, and what is important for buyers here in Miami Beach, may not be for those buying in your area.

Trying to sell your home is stressful enough without worrying whether you’ve picked the right upgrades to put your budget behind. A quick chat with a local agent — even if you don’t work with them to actually sell your home, or you’re curious what will add value while you live in your home — can put your mind at ease. Just be ready for them to try and get you to sell with them.

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  • If you’re looking to sell, the goal should be mass appeal as quickly and simply as possible.

    Save the upgrades for the house you’re going to buy. Otherwise, you’re pouring time (and money) into a project your heart isn’t in. Not to mention the additional stress and hassle factor when you’re also trying to find somewhere else to buy.

    Instead, stick to simple basics that will satisfy the average buyer. So offer somewhere functional that can be lived in immediately and a relatively blank canvas. In a nation of DIYers, most people will want to put their own stamp on the place. So the last minute addition bells and whistles might wind up being pulled out fairly soon after.

    A reliable staple is to repaint with a neutral colour scheme that is consistent through the house. This will make the place look “fresh” and even a little newer. Plus, paint covers a multitude of sins.

    • I think the point is more that if you can roll out something like (for arguments sake) a new deck for $500, and it adds $5,000 to the value, why not consider it? Net return to you is worth the cost, gives you more to put into your new property, and is something you might be able to knock over in a weekend.

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