All The Ways Advertisers Suck You Into Buying [Infographic]

All The Ways Advertisers Suck You Into Buying [Infographic]

As we have proven time and time again on Takeaway Truth, advertisements often have little to no basis in reality. From using fake ingredients to make food adverts “pop” to heavily photoshopped models, there’s nearly nothing an advertiser won’t do to suck you in. This infographic looks at some of the worst offenses.

Model with pizza image from Shutterstock

You’ve probably salivated at the sight of an ice cream advert before — but would you feel the same way if you knew you were looking at mashed potato? This is just one of countless tricks marketers employ to make products look presentable in adverts. The below infographic from FinancesOnline takes a look at common deceptions employed across various industries.

Worryingly, the graph also asserts that some 50% of Americans believe advertisements are honest. (We’re willing to bet we Aussies are a more skeptical bunch. Probably.)

[Via Finances Online]


  • “Half of Americans believe ads are honest”

    Half of Americans also believe humans and dinosaurs lived together.
    Half of Americans believe the recent natural disasters are signs of the apocolypse.
    Half of Americans believe in creationism, not evolution.
    Half of Americans have tried marijuana.
    Half of Americans think carrying more concealed weapons will make them safer.
    Half of Americans think cloud computing is done in Heaven, which clearly surrounds our planet.
    Half of Americans think cloud computing only works in areas with lots of rain.
    Half of Americans believe people can be possessed by the devil.
    Half of Americans believe Adam and Eve were real people.
    Half of Americans think Santa is real.

    Clearly not the sharpest tools in the shed, huh?

    • Evolution is still just a popular theory – so don’t get too uptight about that one. In a few hundred years we’ll all be laughing at the evolutionists after we all subscribe to another more popular one.

      • Yeah, because scientific theories are like X-Factor contestants. Did you drop out of primary school or do you take pride in rejecting logical thinking?

        • Wow, you are an idiot!

          Evolution is still a theory – a young one at that – check your facts before you start calling people uneducated. There is no proof of evolution, only evidence, and having probably never progressed much past early high school, I doubt you even understand it.

          If you put Evolution, Creationism and Scientology in front of a person who had no other knowledge of the world other than what they can see right in front of them, Scientology would probably make the most sense.

          Get your head out of your arse and try reading some books.

          • I apologise for the tone of my initial comment. I spent seven years studying science at university, specialising in biochemistry, immunology, parasitology and evolutionary ecology. If the theory of evolution is wrong, either its replacement will look very similar (difficult if it’s wrong), or we’re just holograms living in a simulated universe and there really is a god, who happens to be a gifted mathematician with a very twisted sense of humour. Perhaps you might glance at “The Blind Watchmaker” by Richard Dawkins, I read it when I was 17 and it opened my eyes to the universe.

  • Looking at that top picture – I’d totally buy the shampoo she uses.
    What’s the pizza for ?

    When the UK banned cigarette advertising on billboards, Silk Cut simply put a billboard up with a picture of their distinctive purple shade of silk. Turns out it was just as effective in getting people to buy their cigarettes, due to the ingrained marketing of the last few decades.

  • How the hell does a soaked tampon simulate steaming food? I’ve seen a soaked tampon. It was neither steaming nor foodly.

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