Would You Want To Rate People Like Products?

There is a mobile app set to launch in November that will let users rate other people. Called Peeple, it uses a five star rating system and there's no way to opt out of it. Once your name has been put on there by you or someone else, you'll be at the mercy of Peeple app users. Would you want to rate or be rated?

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Peeple allows you to rate and comment on people you interact with in your personal, professional and dating life. According to the creators of Peeple, the whole point of the app is to "enhance your online reputation for access to better quality networks, top job opportunities, and promote more informed decision making about people".

The website for this app tries to sell it all as sunshine and rainbows with talks about promoting positivity and having strong safeguards against bullying. But what gets my blood boiling is that even if you don't sign on to use the app, your profile can be added by an existing user, so long as they have your mobile number, without your consent. That's a huge violation of privacy.

On the other hand, it could become a useful tool to get a feel for people before you engage with them. It's hard to get a read on people even after a few face-to-face meetings so having someone peer-reviewed could give you a peace of mind that you're not dealing with a socialpath.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you want to assign ratings to people? Would you yourself want to be reviewed? Let us know in the comments.


    My knee-jerk reaction is, "Good God! That sounds horrible!" All you have to do is piss off one person and instant negative karma in Peeple. I suppose the trick would be to get so many positive ratings that a few negatives don't matter.

      I suppose the trick would be to get so many positive ratings that a few negatives don't matter.It's not going to be as simple as that. All it takes a is one or two nasty ratings, before an avalanche of asshats pile on in a free for all. And this will be permanent? I see serious litigation in their future.

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    No way is it legal for some app to allow a user to to add your photo/details and rate them, permamantly. There will be a massive kick back on this one.

    Orientation for a retail job many years ago.
    Treat a customer badly, and they will tell 20 people.
    Treat them well, and they might tell 1 person.

    This will work the same way.

      Exactly. People go on to company Facebook pages to complain not praise. The reporting on this will be heavily skewed to the negative, while positive comments will be posted by agencies trying to protect sullied reputations.

      This initiative has no redeeming features.

    Arrived late to the Peelpe-bashing party LH? Everyone's already gone home, it has already been blammed off the internet - the website and all its social profiles are deactivated without comment or reason to why.

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