Why There Aren't More Women In Tech, And Why It Matters [Infographic]

Tech, and other STEM disciplines, have a notable gender and diversity disparity. This graphic explains a few reasons why we have this problem and why it matters.

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NextGeneration Recruitment pulled together the stats. Only about a quarter of computing jobs in the US are held by women and the situation is similar across much of the world. Women make up a minority of staff at tech companies, regardless of job role. Women are 45% more likely to leave a STEM-related job than men in the first year. Globally, tech leadership roles are split 20-80 in men's favour.

Besides the reasons cited below and an alienating culture, women's own sensitivity to grades could make these fields less attractive to them. Still, the lack of diversity is actually a problem for all of us, for the reasons pointed out in the graphic.

Why There Aren't More Women in Tech, and Why It Matters, in One Graphic

Why Aren't There More Women in Tech? [NextGeneration Recruitment]


    cliffs: Women don't choose to work in the STEM fields, and that doesn't and shouldn't matter.

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    As a chick who's been in the IT industry here in Australia, and in the UK, for almost 20 years I find the trends in this article really concerning.

    More concerning still, the pervasive attitudes that females pose a workplace harmony risk - because of some questionable idea that there's a Political Correctness risk.

    What a load of tosh.

    Perhaps the answer lies in the huge gender salary imbalance? Why would a clever high-school leaver chose a career in an industry with such a huge divide?

    Where's the answers then, when my male counterparts are generally paid 20% more than me for the same role?

    Time to clean out the rubbish and encourage the brightest minds to get into STEM roles - irrespective of gender or race.

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