Which Soft Drink Contains The Most Sugar? [Infographic]

Soft drinks are regularly cited as one of the top causes of obesity and tooth decay in Australia: yet we still quaff them by the gallon. You know it's bad for you -- you may have even tried to quit -- but that highly addictive sugar hit will always have you in its thrall. This infographic breaks down the sugar content in five popular drinks; from Coke to Powerade. The ranking might actually surprise you. (Who would have thought a certain iced tea would be worse than Red Bull?)

Now, it should be noted that the below infographic was produced by Australian beverage company Nexba to spruik a new range of sugar-free products. However, there's nothing suss about the content: indeed, the same information is readily available on each product's nutrition label.

Nevertheless, it's still interesting to see them ranked together like this -- we never would have guessed that the stevia-based Pepsi Next contains more sugar than full-strength Red Bull, for example. (Albeit in a lager serving size, but who drinks half a can?)

Check out how each beverage ranked below:

[Via Nexba Beverages]


    "all natural" snapple. Pfft.

      Sugar's not natural?

    A sugar cube is equivalent to one teaspoon (4 grams), so why not just show the actual teaspoons/cubes of sugar? It give a false impression of how much sugar is in the drink. The classic Coke should just show 10 cubes.

    That's hardly fair, they're different sizes. Sugar per 100ml's would be a fairer comparison.

    While you're add it, you should line them up against "no added sugar" fruit drinks.
    (Since many of them contain more sugar per 100ml's than Coke)

      I think it's perfectly fair. A Red Bull can might be smaller than a Pepsi Life can - but you're going to drink the lot in both instances. So the Pepsi does has more sugar per serve.

    Yeah... Not even standardising the amounts for g/ml? Only 5 things shown? Pointless chart is pointless.

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