WhatsApp Chat Logs, Photos and Videos Can Now Be Backed Up To Google Drive

If you're like me and use WhatsApp on a daily basis, chances are you use the messenger app to swap funny stories, photos and videos. It would be a shame to lose any of that content for whatever reason. The good news is, thanks to a partnership between WhatsApp and Google, you can now back all of that up onto Google Drive.

If you've ever had your phone stolen, the first thing that would likely cross your mind is "that's going to be expensive to replace" followed by "oh my God, all the stuff I have on there is gone!". At least now you can recover your WhatsApp content by switching on the Google Drive back up function.

The WhatsApp app is now integrated with Google Drive, giving users the option to archive the content they share and receive on the app including chat logs, photos, videos and voice notes. You can also restore all the data to a new phone if you do lose your phone or upgrade to a new handset.

The feature is being progressively rolled out and is available on both the iOS and Android version of WhatsApp.

[Via Google Drive Blog]


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