What Useful Items Fit In A Pocket First Aid Kit?

What Useful Items Fit in a Pocket First Aid Kit?

A tiny first aid kit sounds like a great addition to your backpack or purse — until your imagination fails you and you end up with a pocket full of band-aids.

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Surely we can do better. For example, pills can fit into a small space, so maybe your kit includes pain relievers or other medications. For camping or hiking, maybe you'd want to include a Tick Key or tweezers to properly remove ticks from your skin.

So what do you pack (or what would you pack) in your ideal mini first aid kit? Bonus points if it's something you've actually used in a first aid situation!


    Things that pack flat (or at least very small). Gauze pads, sachets of sterile wipes, bandages, scissors, tweezers, band aids, I always make up my own first aid kit when traveling.

    -Splinter Probe (one of these http://www.waratahdistributors.com.au/products/splinter-probe)
    -Space Blanket
    -A sterile zip-lock bag (handy for amputations)
    -A Texter that writes on skin (After asking the patient, I wrote "AB-" on the wrist of someone before they fainted once, apparently it really helped as he needed to be given blood at hospital)

    All of these I've used (unfortunately), get as much air out of the bag as you can when you seal the amputation bag, label it with their name (if you know it)

    I also include a micro sewing kit, a mini bottle (NOT a tube!) of SupaGlue, a tiny sun glass screwdriver, tiny keychain LED torch (with a slide button so it stays 'on' without holding the button), and a glowstick.

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