Use A Raspberry Pi To Create A Futuristic Desk

If you fancy doing a part-furniture, part-electronics project, you might want to have a crack at building your own futuristic desk that looks like its straight out of a science fiction movie. You’ll need a few things to get started, including a Raspberry Pi.

Frederick Vandenbosch has put together a video montage of how he assembled his PiDesk, which is touch sensitive with flashing LED lights and a screen that rises out from the body of the desk. He used a Raspberry Pi, an LCD screen from an old notebook, captive touch sensors, LEDs, a wireless charger and rectangular table. Python was used to do the bulk of the programming for the different function of the desk.

Vandenbosch has documented the entire process over at the Element14 website.

[Via Hackaday]


    This is a nice art project, but an impractical computer setup.

      Agreed, just be careful where you rest your hand when you're using the computer, or you'll turn it off :)

    It looks so cool, but I have to say, after powering on I am the sort of impatient person who would be tugging the top of the screen trying to make to rise faster.

    My version, a high power spring under the monitor with a solenoid to hold it down, power on, the solenoid releases and the screen pops up with the force of the compressed spring. To power off, press the monitor down to rearm it.

    Mind you, the first time the monitor launched through the roof I would likely regret it.

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