Tweetbot 4 Comes To The iPad, Adds Statistics, Landscape View, And More To iPhone

Tweetbot 4 Comes to the iPad, Adds Statistics, Landscape View, and More to iPhone

iOS: Tweetbot 4 was released today as a completely new version of the popular Twitter app. It's a universal app that brings in support for the iPad alongside a variety of other improvements.

The big new feature here is the iPad support, which makes Tweetbot 4 one of very few iPad Twitter apps. Tweetbot 4 also adds landscape support, a new statistics and activities view, quick reply from the Notification Center, improved mute filters, and a column view for the iPad and iPhone 6 Plus. The Statistics and Activity view brings in Twitter's recent stats update and combines it with a better Activity view so you can easily see faves, quotes, mentions, and new followers all in one place. It's a nice update, but as with previous versions of Tweetbot, it's also a paid upgrade. The app is on sale for $6.49 right now to make that update a bit more palpable.

Tweetbot 4 ($6.49 on sale) [iTunes App Store]


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