These Are The Home Improvements That Can Make Your House Worth Less

These Are The Home Improvements That Can Make Your House Worth Less

Making improvements to your home can sometimes raise the value of your house. However, some renovations aren’t worth the cost it takes to make them. These are some of the worst offenders.

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As personal finance blog Money Crashers details, several home improvements like swimming pools, new carpets, or built-in electronics can seem like value adds, but may not be appealing to prospective buyers. Keep in mind that whoever buys your home may not have the same preferences as you do.

Of course, if you want to make an addition to your home for your own sake, that’s a different story. If you want to install an aquarium in a wall, it’s worth whatever you decide. Just keep in mind that if you plan to sell your house, the next occupant may not have the same taste. Check out Money Crasher’s post below for the full list.

9 Worst Home Improvement Projects That Decrease Resale Value [Money Crashers]


  • This depends on whether the renovations are to sell or live with.

    It’s worth doing the personal touches if intending to live in the house for a fair period of time. Otherwise, a bland mass appeal compromise will probably just lead to resentment. Surely this is the point of owning rather than renting.

  • As a homeowner, I have gone through the process of scouting for a resale house. I agree that some of the home improvements that I see are not entirely appealing. The idea is to keep things at a very minimal even if you wish to remodel or renovate. The colors to choose should also be of neutral hues or basic colors that are easy to match with other decor.

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