The Simple Way To Save On Groceries: Stick With Flexible Foods

The Simple Way to Save on Groceries: Stick With Flexible Foods

You don't have to look at your grocery receipts in misery. According to the author of the popular "eat well for $4 a day" cookbook, you can save a ton of money by mainly buying foods that can fit multiple meals.

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Leanne Brown, author of Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4 a Day, is always willing to share more tips on trimming the grocery budget. Her number one tip? Buy flexible foods that you can use in multiple meals. Brown explained a perfect example to Business Insider:

I say buy eggs, because it's one of the most flexible ingredients that exist. You can get home from work and have them on the table in a few minutes. They go with everything: If you only have soy sauce and really withered scallions, if you have half a withered tomato, you can chuck that in there. You can bake with them, make beautiful quiches, or cook them in sauces so they're more like a dinner.

Dried beans, dried pasta, fruit, vegetables, and yoghurt are all great too, says Brown. You probably do this with a few ingredients already, but take this as an opportunity to expand that approach. Think of other foods you can use in multiple meals on the daily. What are your recommendations for flexible foods?

The woman who wrote the book on eating for $4 a day shares her best tip to save money on food [Business Insider]


    A carton of cage-free eggs costs more than $4. It takes more than 1-2 eggs to make a quiche.
    It costs more to power an oven than it does a stove-top.
    Try bagging par-boiled vegetable portions and freezing them. Use proper freezer bags and date each one.
    Make your own meals-from burgers to a 5-course meal.
    For instance, cauliflower add white onion sauce, carrots,add orange butter sauce, with basil or parsley, broccoli add light squeeze of lemon zucchinislice lengthwise sprinkle with parmesan and grill. Serve with vegie burger, fish or whatever our preference.
    Cost effective and time-saving as well as delish.
    Try a wrap instead of Macdonalds.

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