The Moonshot Desktop

The Moonshot Desktop

This Windows 10 desktop is super simple, but everything just fits. Part of it is because Victor is using it on a 60" TV, but its lack of widgets and toggles doesn't make it any less useful and good looking. Here's what you'll need for a similar look.

Luckily, you don't need Windows 10 to make this work, but we can tell that's what Victor is running. After all, the whole thing here is really just a good-looking wallpaper and some replacement taskbar icons. Here they are:

That's all there is to this one. Simple tweaks, easily replicated anywhere. If you dig the look, it's easy to recreate, and the wallpaper from Chow Hon Lam really ties it all together, so make sure you check out his website or his Flickr page to see more of his art.

My Desktop [Flickr]


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