The World's Best Airline Lounges

The Airports (and Airlines) with the Best Lounges

Relaxing in an airport lounge is like finding an oasis in a desert of uncomfortable security, unappetizing food options, and stressful, well, everything. Any lounge can offer some much-needed respite, this list from the team at Hipmunk uses traveller polls and data to highlight the best ones around the globe.

Hipmunk ranked the top ten airport lounges around the world, based on data they collected from travellers. Among the top are Quantas' First Class lounge in Sydney (which scored first place), Thai Airways' Royal First Class in Bangkok, and five different first and business class lounges at London's Heathrow Airport from airlines like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Malaysia Airlines.

The Airports (and Airlines) with the Best Lounges

Hipmunk also ranked the airlines with the best lounges overall, so even if you can't get to one of the top 20 in the list above, you can trust the airline's lounges anywhere. Among the top ten there are airlines like Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines and Iberia, to name a few.

Before you worry you'll never get to see any of these luxury lounges, remember that enjoying the comforts of an airport lounge doesn't have to be insanely expensive. You can check out the full list — and how they collected the data — at the link below.

Hipmunk Presents: The World's Best Airport Lounges [Tailwind by Hipmunk]




      Alan, we know you are American, but out of respect for your educated worldwide audience can you please spell the airline's name correctly.

      Qantas. No u. Just Qantas.
      Originally Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service.

    Link 404's for me...?

    Hobart Qantas lounge gets my vote. It's totally self service, double bourbons all the way. Plus there's hardly ever anyone there!

    Having been Qantas FF Platinum and now down to Gold i can confirm that most Qantas Business lounges are typically worse than the standard lounge.

    Cathay in Hong kong + Melbourne Business are just fenced off little areas that offer more desk space, the food is the same but actually worse because theres less people consuming it making it get replaced less.

    Also unsure why some airlines wont just offer lounge access on your flights for a fee,

    Qantas's Sydney business lounge is OK but I wouldn't rate it that highly. It's vast and somewhat stark and impersonal. The main perk is the barista coffee which is excellent.

    Changi's SIA lounges are excellent. Especially the bathrooms/showers. The food is generally very high quality and they have Tiger on draught self-service which is a nice touch.

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