Pay What You Want For This Graphic Design Bundle

The folks over at The Next Web have a graphic design bundle going, and it's one of those "pay what you want" systems in which paying more than the average gets you a few extra goodies. And for the amount of goodies there are, the average is currently very low.

I'm no graphic designer but it seems like one of those cases where not many people would actually pay the asking price, which makes it less meaningful when I say you're getting about $2,300 worth of material for just over $10, but that's still crazy value.

There are lots and lots of logos and icons, as well as some photoshop brushes, Wordpress themes, and vector graphics. The wood textures seem cool, as well as the glitter & glam stuff. If you're an experienced designer then "what you want" is quite a cheap price for inspiration, but I suspect it'll be even more useful to the person just wanting to lazily set up a website in no time flat. Pick a few graphics, a theme, and "that'll do!"

Most of the extra stuff is icons, so the meaty content is below the average pay threshold.

Check out the bundle here.


    It reminds me of the old value CD ROM days, where a single CD ROM with hundreds of fonts, vectors, clipart, Photoshop effects were prevalent. I got them (as a graphic designer) and probably used $10 worth out of the hundreds...

    i am sorry but these designs blow. Instead, i would get over 160 exclusive templates, actions, bgrds, mockups, posters for only $25

    pay what you want... as long as its more than 10.37

      To get the full bundle, you have to pay the suggested price. Otherwise you have to settle for some off cuts.

    Maybe I'm being unfair, but it seems like the 'values' attached to this are ludicrous. Would anyone actually pay the original costs, ever, for the things they are getting?

      I thought the same, I also thought that more than 10% should goto charity for something like this

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