Microsoft Offers 'Internet Of Things' Suite On Azure Cloud Platform

Microsoft isn't shy about its ambition to gain ground in the 'internet of things' (IoT) market and it has now brought out a set of IoT tools for its Azure cloud computing platform. Called Azure IoT Suite, the new offering is targetted at businesses that want to get on the IoT bandwagon quickly.

Businesses all have people, devices and assets that generate data. Consolidating all this data together for analytics purposes can be a daunting task for some companies and Microsoft aims to simplify the process with Azure IoT Suite. The tools are preconfigured to address common IoT scenarios like remote monitoring, asset management, and predictive analytics.

The Azure IoT Suite supports a broad range of devices and operating systems so customers can join the IoT fray swiftly and easily with it's existing IT assets. Being hosted in Azure also means the IoT Suite can scale quickly as IoT projects grow.

To complement all this, Microsoft has introduced an Azure certification program specifically for IoT to help customers quickly identify hardware and software that will work with Azure IoT services.

You can find out more information on Azure IoT Suite over at Microsoft's IoT blog.

[Via Microsoft's IoT blog]


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