Make Your LinkedIn Headline Stand Out By Keeping It Simple

It might be tough to summarize all of your expertise and skill into one simple title, but that’s precisely what you should do with your LinkedIn headline: keep it simple.

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Cluttering your headline with too many titles, interests, and roles can make it difficult for recruiters to get the nitty gritty of who you are and what you want to do. As Entrepreneur contributor Steve Tobak explains, you want to get rid of vague titles that don’t really mean anything to a potential viewer:

Do your career or your business a big favour and leave out all the amorphous stuff like ‘entrepreneur” and “philanthropist” and the laundry list of things that, in a perfect world with no competition where qualifications don’t matter and you’re one of only six people on LinkedIn, you’d be hired to do.
And remember the first rule of branding: Keep it simple.

Our own Melanie Pinola (and author of LinkedIn in 30 Minutes) has pointed out that you have approximately six seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention with your profile. You want to make it as easy as possible to get your message across.

Words and phrases like SEO expert, monetisation, solopreneur, author, speaker, social media pro, and so on might encompass what you do — and by all means add that to the rest of your profile — but that’s a lot for someone to take in when they just want to know your title.

Tobak’s suggestion is to pick the one takeaway you want recruiters to remember, and stick with that. Check out his full article at the link below.

The One Thing You’re Doing Wrong on LinkedIn [Entrepreneur]

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