Make Two Weeks Worth Of Breakfast Burritos For $1 Per Burrito

Make Two Weeks Worth of Breakfast Burritos For $US1.11 Per Burrito

As every corner gas station will tell you, breakfast burritos are an awesome way to feed yourself quickly on a busy morning. What the gas station won't tell you is that you can make your own, better burritos for nearly as cheap as they can.

Fortunately, The Art of Manliness details exactly how to do this. Their recipe shows how to make your own breakfast burritos in bulk ahead of time. For around an hour and half of work, and $18 in materials, the site shows how to make about 14 breakfast burritos. That comes out to not much more than a dollar per burrito. Of course, this uses a more generous filling than the one that comes in a sleeve from a gas station, so if you really want to shave off those extra cents, you can just make your burritos a little lighter. Check out the recipe and instructions at the source link below.

Save Time and Money With Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos [The Art of Manliness]


    American LH is leaking into Aussie LH.. Good luck finding American breakfast sausage in an Australian grocery store, you'll have to make it yourself

      I've seen sausage meat (i.e. not in sausage skin) at the local Coles. Not sure if it's "breakfast sausage" per se, not sure what the difference would be anyway. Otherwise wouldn't be too hard to substitute sausage for mince.

    What the hell is a Breakfast Burrito!?

      I HAVE NO RUDDY IDEA! What the hell, Americas!?

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