Make A Tool Storage Box To Fit Your Extra Cab Ute

Make a Tool Storage Box to Fit Your Extra Cab Pickup Truck

Make the most of the cramped extra cab space in your ute by building a custom storage box to keep your tools secure and organised.

Utes are great at handling tools and gear, but you either need to install a truck box, which wastes bed space and can be broken into, or you can just store your tools in the extra cab space and watch as they pile up and shift around.

If you aren't carrying passengers, a great solution is to build a custom tool storage box to fit into the extra cab space behind your front seats. First remove the small jump seats in the back and get your measurements from door to door and the floor to the top of the back of the seat. Use these dimensions to cut out a box of 3/4" plywood.

When you sell your ute, just remove the storage box and reinstall the back seats and you'll have the truck back to it's original condition. Watch the video at the link below for a closer look at how to build and secure the tool box.

Convenient Tool Storage in Extra Cab Pickup Truck [Fine Homebuilding]


    Unless you live in Australia, in which case removing any seats without an engineering certificate somehow suddenly makes your car unroadworthy due to an illegal modification. Even if said seats are designed to be removable, as in the Kia Carnival.

    Last edited 21/10/15 6:46 pm

    an Extra Cab Ute does not HAVE rear seats. (well not usable ones)
    An Extra Cab is just that a standard cab with a little extra room behind the seats.

    Its a Dual Cab that has the rear seats.

    Last edited 22/10/15 5:16 pm

    I thought Dual cab was four doors. I know the Hilux Extra Cab has back seats that are technically usable and have seatbelts ect. Basically just a bench though.

    Last edited 22/10/15 5:49 pm

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