Magnetize A Screwdriver In Seconds And Never Lose Another Screw

All screwdrivers should be magnetic, but sadly only some are. Here's a simple way to magnetize every screwdriver in your drawer so you'll never lose another screw.

To magnetize your screwdriver, you simply need to swipe it along a powerful magnet a few times in the same direction. After a few passes your screwdriver is magically magnetized.

Refrigerator magnets won't work. The bigger and stronger the magnet the better. The video above demonstrates how this is done using a magnetic tray. Get to magnetizing!

How to Magnetize a Screwdriver [Real Tool Reviews (YouTube)]


    Can I use a magnet from an old Hard disk drive?

    Needs repeating after a period of time, though. It doesn't make the screwdriver magically become a permanent magnet.

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