LogMeIn Just Acquired LastPass

One of our favourite remote management tools, LogMeIn, just acquired LastPass, our favourite password manager. The companies have plans to merge their products in the near future, so big changes are coming.

For a list of great password managers, go here.

Read more at the LastPass Blog, or LogMeIn's Blog.



    That's the other way around
    LastPass Just Acquired LogMeIn > LogMeIn Just Acquired LastPass

    The title reads "LastPass Just Acquired LogMeIn" but the article text has "LogMeIn just acquired LastPass". I know it probably doesn't matter but the inconsistency makes my OCD itch :)

    Might want to change that misleading headline guys Logmein acquired Lastpass not the other way around.!

    Given how much LogMeIn loves free accounts (thanks for turning off the free account I paid you $40 for your app to access bastards) I expect the free version of LastPass to be gone inside a year.

    Time for a LifeHacker "What alternatives to LastPass are there?" post.

    Linking out to a 2010 article? That's kinda useless.

    I'm a paid LastPass customer currently. Good value at $12 a year, hope that doesn't change.

    I'm not excited by this news at all.
    I have just cancelled my auto-renewal. LastPass has until February to prove that they are not the sell-out that I anticipate.

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