Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted money and cooking advice, El Capitan hidden features and news about Mars. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Watch NASA's Major Mars Announcement Live Here
    Over the weekend, NASA whipped astronomy fans into a frenzy with the announcement that it would soon be sharing a “major science finding” about the planet Mars. Is it aliens? Proof of flowing water? Ancient fossils? Here’s everything you need to know — including all the ways you can watch the announcement live.
  2. All The Ways To Watch The 2015 NRL Grand Final Live
    This Sunday, the North Queensland Cowboys will take on the Brisbane Broncos in an all-Queensland NRL Premiership Grand Final. Still working out when and where you plan to watch it? This guide has all the information you require.
  3. Five Useful Cooking Techniques No One Teaches You
    Most of us learn to cook through trial and error, cooking shows, or being forced to feed ourselves when no one else will do it. So naturally, no one’s born knowing how to sauté chicken, or blanch vegetables. Here are some basic (but useful) cooking techniques chefs use every day, but the rest of us rarely pick up.
  4. How To Get Your Hour Back From Daylight Saving
    We’ve all been late to something thanks to Daylight Saving Time, and the spring forward can also mess with your sleep. This year, prepare yourself now to make up for that lost hour.
  5. Top 10 Things About Money Everyone Should Know
    Money rules might be simple, but they’re not always easy to stick to. If you want to build wealth, you have to constantly work on your money habits and rethink your relationship with money. Here are some of the best personal finance tips we’ve shared over the years that everyone should learn or relearn.
  6. Should You Upgrade To Mac OS X El Capitan?
    OS X El Capitan is out. It looks good, but it’s still an upgrade, and any upgrade has a chance of going bad. So is it ready for prime time, or should we wait for the next patch to fix the bugs people will inevitably find?
  7. Planhacker: Every iPhone 6s And 6s Plus Plan From Australia's Major Telcos
    Apple’s shiny new iPhones officially launched in Australia today with all major telcos offering a range of new plans. If you’re contemplating a new phone contract and have your heart set on the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, this complete breakdown will help you to make the right decision.
  8. Top Secret Features In OS X El Capitan
    S X El Capitan doesn’t have a ton of landmark features, which means most of the cool stuff is under the hood. Let’s take a look at some of the lesser known features.
  9. How To Prevent Masturbation From Ruining Your Relationship
    Is there a place in relationships for masturbation? The easy answer is “yes!” It’s your body, you should be able to do whatever the hell you want with it. But like anything else in life, masturbation has some complexities that can affect your relationship. Here’s how to have a healthy relationship with your partner and your hand.
  10. All The Important Nexus And Chromecast News Google Announced Today
    Today, Google held an event to announce its newest Nexus hardware. While we’re still waiting on Australian pricing and release dates, it wasn’t all about the phones. Here are some of the most important and interesting things Google shared today.


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