IT Salary Growth Rate Higher Than National Average

IT Salary Growth Rate Higher Than National Average

It’s a good time to be in IT. That’s according to figures released by the Australian Institute Of Management (AIM). Salary growth in Australia was at a 12-year low six months ago and while the situation has improved slightly, the numbers are still dour. But the electronics and IT industry is bucking the trend.

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Overall salary across Australian jobs for the past 12 months has increase by 3.77 per cent, up by 0.29 per cent from when it was measured in April. The forecast is salary will grow by 3.18 per cent in the next 12 months but that figure is still extremely low.

While the numbers aren’t encouraging, the electronics and IT industry has seen a pay growth of 3.88 per cent in the last 12 months. This a bit lower than 18 months ago (4.34 per cent) but it’s still well above the national average of 3.3 per cent. This growth is projected to increase 0.1 per cent in the next 12 months.

“Positions in the IT job family are in demand because businesses are investing more in technology to gain a competitive advantage in the market,” AIM general manager of policy and advocacy Sam Bell said in a statement. “From the April release, we found there is a high demand for IT executives that have the ability to lead a team coupled with technical know-how as the Average Total Salary change over 12 months for a chief information officer was 6.2 per cent.

“There’s also ever-increasing demand for positions with web development skills as more organisations realise the need to have an online footprint. Web developer and web designer positions increased by 8.2 per cent and 7 per cent, respectively.”

The table below breaks down the pay rise rates across different IT positions:

Position Movement (last 12 months)
Chief information technology executive 6.2 per cent
Internet specialist / Web developer 8.2 per cent
Web designer 7 per cent
System administrator 4.9 per cent
Technical specialist – research and development 5.5 per cent

So how do the other sectors compare? Here’s how they stack up:

Industry Movement (last 12 months)
AG/forest/fish/farm 2.97 per cent
Construction and engineering 3.77 per cent
Manufacturing (food/tobacco) 3.38 per cent
Manufacturing (petrol/chemical) 3.09 per cent
Manufacturing (metal/auto) 2.93 per cent
Manufacturing (other) 2.96 per cent
Electronics/IT 3.88 per cent
Wholesale (machine/auto) 3.72 per cent
Banks/finance/insurance 3.29 per cent
Business and professional services 4.26 per cent
Government/institutions/social services 3.44 per cent
Retail 2.98per cent
Other 3.46 per cent


  • All this growth really depends where you live in Australia. I can assure you that country IT based workers do not see these increases. These increases will no doubt be more for Melbourne and Sydney, maybe Brisbane too

    • This, worked full time in IT in the country for two years. 33k a year. Guy who replaced me after I quit due to shit pay still on my wage a year later.

        • I lef it to be a landscaper, also enjoy my time with technology a lot more because it’s no longer a case of a spend all day fixing stuff and come home to fix stuff. Won’t work in computer servicing and support again, might do sales and system building in a few years (moving south as I live in the NT and got lots of business contacts from last job with a lot of suppliers)

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