How Will We Secure The Cloud?

At this week’s Intel Focus 15 event, general manager Chris Young talked about the company’s newest products and the need to secure data when in the cloud.

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During the opening keynote at Intel Focus 15, Chris Young spoke with Vanessa Pegueros, the CISO of cloud-based document security company DocuSign. He noted DocuSign relied on the "speed, scale and simplicity of a cloud-based model".

However, security is a critical element of success in the cloud.

"The reality is cloud is becoming a core part of our infrastructure," says Young.

Although he recognised many companies aren’t ready or can’t, for regulatory reasons, move to the cloud, he wants Intel Security to be ready for the day they make the switch.

One of the products Young highlighted was Intel’s ePolicy Orchestrator, or ePO. It works with either on-premises or from the cloud to centralise security management and report on anomalies.

According to Young, this works with almost any combination of infrastructure.

Part of the message Young and his leadership team have used during Focus 15 has been around trying to both strengthen and simplify security infrastructure. This is because the existing approach of adding more components to security infrastructure in order to combat the latest threats has not worked.

In order for something like this to work, I see the need for a lot of raw compute power and a very muscly AI engine. We need tools that can analyse vast amounts of network data from many different streams, piece together who is doing what, whether they are allowed and if the person we think is accessing data is actually the person we think they are.

In other words, we don’t just want to know what’s happening on our infrastructure and endpoints but we want to understand, or have a machine understand, the context of those activities.

Now that Intel Security has been fully folded into the Intel family, after a period of transition since Intel acquired McAfee, we’d expect them to embrace some of the engineering expertise that the chipmaker can bring to the table.

Anthony Caruana attended Intel Focus 15 in Las Vegas as a guest of Intel Australia


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