How To Freeze And Reheat Rice

Making rice is a time consuming affair and it’s frustrating when you just want to eat some in a hurry. But did you know it’s really easy to make rice in advance, freeze it and then reheat it when you need to? Here’s what you need to do.

Rice serves as perfect side dish for almost any meal but it takes roughly 20 minutes to half an hour to cook rice properly, depending on the grain type and the amount you are making. It’s a chore to make rice every time you want to eat some. What you can do is make a big batch of it and then whack it in the freezer. You can split them out into individual servings and reheat it in the microwave when needed.

I’ve used this method many times before. In fact, I have four serving of brown rice in my fridge right now. The rice retains moisture even after you reheat it and, considering rice doesn’t really have much flavour, there isn’t any noticeable impact on the taste.

Watch the video by The One Pot Chef for pointers on how to freeze and reheat rice.

[Via One Pot Chef Blog]


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